Chemicals Business for Sustainability” through the circular economy and the development of plastic packaging recycling capabilities. Innovative barrier coating technology projects for single-material packaging that makes flexible packaging recyclable, such as frozen and refrigerated food packaging, dry food packaging and refillable sachet packaging.

Product management, sustainability management in the paint and coatings industry Internationally validated, up-to-date and accredited science-based data analysis

Chemicals and capital markets: Growing sustainably

Green chemicals use projects (with low carbon product portfolio or support sustainability)

Provides you with an immediate understanding of your environmental impact and how to make measurable improvements

ISO-assured, providing ISO compliant LCA based environmental footprint metrics

Empowers users with real-time knowledge of the environmental footprints of feed and farm operations

Develops the global sustainability and animal nutrition

The Farm to Fork Strategy aims to reduce the environmental and climate impact of primary production whilst ensuring fair economic returns for farmers, fishers and aquaculture producers.

The strategy sets targets to significantly reduce the use and risk of chemical pesticides, the use of fertilisers and sales of antimicrobials as well as increase agricultural land under organic farming.

Improving animal welfare, protecting plant health and promoting the adoption of new green business models, a circular bio-based economy and a shift to sustainable fish and seafood production.